Local listing on google appears down right next to Google search ads. Using google my business, add and list your business on google for free. It appears only for a local search. For an example, try to find “Chinese restaurant” using mobile device. Google will triggers you top rated Chinese restaurant near your place.

google local listing screenshot

Here in this article, let me share my experience from the my clients case study. This article will helps who is looking to improve local listing ranking in simple and easiest way.

Focus on NAP ( Name, Address and Phone Number ):

Keep an eye on business name, mailing address and phone number used across local directories, search engine etc. Google always wants to display correct information to its users every time. Across check once in all your directories and make Business name, Address and Phone numbers used is common in all local directories and in google business listings. This will not only useful for users and also will improve your ranking in local listings.

Enter exact Business name:

Use exact business name in all local directories, search engines and google my business. Although, stuffing keywords in business name is not recommended. We can use keywords along with business name, which will help in my case to improve ranking for my primary focus keyword. Refer screenshot,

business name with keywords


Don’t try to stuff more keywords. Google will penalize your listing by ranking done.


Choose relevant business category from the list

Choose right and relevant business category from the list given by GMB is more important. It is also another primary factor to improve your ranking in google local listings. When comes to choosing category, try to find and add all most relevant category for your business in GMB. In below image, targeting dental clinic in GMB. In this case, fill up all possible and available categories.

category GMB

Update complete information:

If you really looking to increase your ranking on google local listing, updating your complete information is so important. Update phone numbers, website, appointment URL ( if any ), Menu URL, Accessibility, Amenities, Offerings and photos.

Update working hours:

Update your working hours and special hours is also equally important to rank your local listing on google. In many cases, based on working hours google is displaying local listings rated high. So it is equally important to update your working hours and frequently updating it based on competitor working hours. This will enable your listing to show every when users trying find your listing on google search.

Reply to your customers review:

Google always trust customers review when comes to local listings. So keep an eye on your reviews frequently, improve your customer review by doing email outreach review campaign asking customer to review on Google. Also google trust customers review response. So reply to all your customer review for both positive and negative reviews. Specifically pay more attentions for negative review on your listing.

Upload more photos frequently:

Upload all types of photos By owners, Interior, exterior, at work and team photos frequently on google listing. This will enable to improve engagement on your listing and gives more trust to view/users to take action on your google listing call to phone or website visit.

Post event, offers and news more frequently.

As final, start posting events, offers and news articles related to your business industry to improve your visibility on google search. Posting feature has been new rolled out by GMB and many of them using this feature initiative and since its too early to analyze this feature impact on ranking. For now, update google listing frequently and post regularly. Anyway it helps to improve your back links too, as you have option to include post links.