After substantial updates from google, it is really thought to choose right match type for the keywords in google adwords, although the Broad match type is default one, we need to use other alternatives very frequently to improve our keywords performance in competition. Keep in mind each one of your search queries will enter into the auction and it needs to stand of huge crowd now.

Here is the match type to use for less CPC respectively.

1. Phrase match type – “Keywords” : Phrase match type keywords triggers ads only when the phrase matched in searched term or close variant match, with additional word in prefix or in suffix. So this match generally generate less impression in auction for its behavior. Since it shows ads on comparatively less competition it consume less cost per click. To use Phrase match type, add keywords with in double quotes for eg: “buy photography online”, on one keyword per line basis.

“Tips: Avoid using same keywords as different match type in campaign and avoid duplicating your keywords. This will increase you CPC and also creates conflict between two keywords in auction.”

2. Broad match modifier type – +Keywords : Broad match modifier type keywords triggers ads even when the keyword reordered or close variant matches, with additional word before keywords for eg: if you keyword is +photography +online, trigger your ads when someone search with term “buy photography online”

To use Broad match modifier match type in adwords campaign, add keywords with “+” symbol on one keyword per line basis. Since it shows ads comparatively high in competition with phrase match keyword, it consume bit more cost per click than phrase match type keyword.

“Tips: Avoid duplicating your broad match modifier keywords with other match types. Check your keyword list before add any broad match modifier keyword. This will improve your keyword performance.”

3. Exact match type – [Keywords] : Google adwords officially announced a update about Exact match type keywords last month. To know more update refer article previous [Exact Match] type keywords going to trigger ads for close variants query’s and google official blog. But as per current version, exact match type keywords triggers ads only when exact terms match with your keyword for eg: if your keyword is [buy limited edition photographs], then it should show ads when someone search for exactly with same term “buy limited edition photographs”.

To use Exact match type in adwords campaign, add keywords within brackets “[keywords]” on one keyword per line basis, Since it shows ads when exact search terms match your keyword list, it consume bit more CPC than phrase and broad match modifier keywords. It also depends on competition level in auction

“Tips: Avoid duplicating your exact match keywords with other match type. Make sure once before adding exact match keywords and ensure there is no duplication in other match type.”

4. Broad match type – Keywords : Broad match type keywords triggers ads when the keyword reordered or close variant matches, misspellings and also it shows for keyword synonyms, which usually generate more impression in competition. Since it has more potential to generate more impression comes clicks, it consume high cost per click than any other keyword match type in google adwords.

To use Broad match type in adwords campaign, add keywords without any symbol on one line per keyword basis.

“Tips: Avoid duplicating keywords and make sure you have added sufficient negative to control your impression share.”