LinkedIn the biggest platform to connect with professionals, of course it also enables more opportunities for advertisers to connect professionals through linkedIn sponsored content ads, text ads and sponsored Inmail. In this article, we going to see does linkedIn advertising really works now! And how linkedin sponsored content auction works.

Does LinkedIn advertising really works??

Yes of course, it works. But it depends on what you looking to promote with professionals in LinkedIn. It gives positive return on investment and cost per conversion on business to business promotion in LinkedIn. It’s not a good place to target children, but its perfect place to target business people.

When you target towards perfect audience in LinkedIn channel, it creates terrific opportunities to you to build right audience and to build new professional connections.  Planning to expand your marketing strategy? Then think about considering LinkedIn Advertising, it can help you to expand your network and can put your business in front of your market with extremely narrow down targeting options.

Targeting options in LinkedIn Ads,

LinkedIn targeting options

Now let’s see how LinkedIn sponsored ads content auction works.

Sponsored ads contents are eligible to display on LinkedIn feeds, keep in mind every time targeted audience scrolls down to the LinkedIn feeds, your ads are entered into the auction for targeted audience. Now will see how LinkedIn ads content auction works.

linkedin auction

Does it similar to Adwords auction? Yes, it similar to adwords auction method, but LinkedIn ads has second price auction method in place, when you won the auction, then actual cost you pay based on your second highest combined score advertiser participated in same auction.

linkedin auction actual cpc

Above creative explain how actual cost has been calculated in LinkedIn sponsored ads content. So its clear relevance score factors play key role here to determine your actual CPC like how quality score factor determines your actual CPC in adwords.

So get your campaign optimized to improve relevance score to reduce your actual CPC in LinkedIn, although LinkedIn not reveal relevance score value as like adwords quality score. Happy Marketing!!