After google search engine pages updated without right hand side ads, improving ad position in google adwords is something difficult. As we know acquiring the ad position in google search engine page will impact the campaign performance a lot. Every single search queries in search engine are entered into the google auction every time. In this article, I would like to share my experience on how to improve the ad position in google adwords by doing some simple optimization.

Let’s start with comparing simple ad position formula.

ad position formula

In above formula screen, you can see Adv.1 ( Adv1. keyword )is bidding for 2$ and has 8/10 Quality score. In this case, on adwords Adv.1 can adjust the bid little or optimize the ads on respective campaign with keywords in ads or we can improve landing page experience by adding relevant keywords in page content or add more extensions with relevant keywords to improve the quality of that particular keywords. Thus, we can achieve ads position in Google SERP. Hope this article help you to optimization. Comment here to achieve ad position on different scenarios.