Are you owning website for your businesses or personal blog? Looking to improve your ranking on google search in order to get more traffic on daily basis? Then you need to know about Google crawling and indexing. This information already explained in How Search Organizes Information. But here let me try to explain things in short and revealing.

Once you done creating website and made them publicly available on web, then you need to submit your website or blog to google search engine using tool Google Search Console ( former name Google Webmaster ) offered by google. So that your website will get eligible to showcase in google search whenever your keyword get queried by visitors in google.  So google handle this process by crawling & indexing your website.

What is Crawling?

Google use to check your website files and content after submitting it via google search console. Process of checking/parsing your website is called as crawling. So if you think you have to pay google to crawl website every time? Then you’re wrong, all this process is free of cost. So you might have a doubt, that what you need to do on your website to get crawled. Process starts with website addresses from past crawls and from sitemap.xml file provided by website owners.

SiteMap.xml file: You need to have sitemap.xml file inside your website files folder in hosting server.  Google will refer this file in your website to discover all pages in your website. For eg: If you have 5+ pages in your website, all you have to do is to mention all 5+ page links in sitemap.xml file. Refer Sitemap Wiki page to know how to create sitemap file.

Robots.txt file: If you don’t want google or other search engines not to crawl particular file or folder. You can use mention those details in robots.txt file. File should present in your website root folder ( Refer Web Robots Pages

google crawling

Google search engine has ability to crawl website content, images, pdf and etc. Flash files and videos will not get crawled by google. For this reason, we should not create website with full flash and videos files. To learn more about digital marketing training in Chennai, join with aorta digital services.

So next, What is Indexing?

Crawled data like content, keywords, images and other key elements are get tracked in Search Index by google. The process tracking all web page key signals called Indexing. Crawl can happen immediately by google, but indexing may take time upto even more than a month.  Google algorithm has been enhanced now to provide useful web pages to its users always. They don’t just match keywords in your website, they do considering context, specific information need behind the search as well to deliver relevant and useful information to users.

So I hope this information provided in this article is useful. Comment below if you have any clarifications or concern.