Google adwords already announced about this redesigning adword for marketing mobile first world. Adwords now rolled out all new redesigned google adwords UI for all advertisers including premium, new, existing active and inactive users. Google says ”Using new adwords experience, gets your everyday adwords task done faster as never before ”. I agree the release is stable and helps to get more work done in faster way.

Basically when we loads Adwords stuffed with campaigns, before it takes time to load screens and navigation’s also so not smooth enough. I believe this loading and navigation issues are handled well by google in this new UI release. Google Adwords itself got optimized!! In terms visual elements, loading speed and etc.

Enriched user interface must require more familiarity to navigate, so for end user convenience, google Adwords has option to roll back to your old previous Adwords anytime using “ Return to previous Adwords ” from new UI.

The release also included with two new exclusive options to reach advertiser business goal conversions. The call bid adjustments and the option to analyze your lead/landing pages performance. Advanced bid adjustment help to improve click to call performance with option adjust the call bid, thus advertisers can improve call conversions nicely. Landing pages tabs allows user to visualize the landing page performance based on mobile friendly rate, validate AMP click rate and etc. Tool helping webmaster & campaign managers to validate landing pages by using exact mobile friendly rate and its performance data. Google says in official adwords blog, there are many more to come in near future.