On last month the official google adwords blog published article, stating that close variants will be expanding now for Exact Match type. Which means, exact match type keywords are going to trigger ads for close variants keywords it include keyword reordering and rewording. This expansion to Exact Match type keywords will be launched end of April for limited users and will be rolled out gradually to all, over the time.

On my experience, I believe using exact match type keywords in campaign will give very relevant traffic to the campaign with excellent CTR and of course, it is the second costly match type after Broad Match. Exact match type keywords also gives very impressive results for Branding keywords campaigns. After this update, the Cost per click (CPC) may raise, since there are more advertisers are  involving in the aution for exact match type close variants keywords.

By the close variants expansion update on google blog, Below I tired to explain on what query’s your ads trigger for exact match type keywords. Taking [watches for women] keyword for example,

Exact Match type keyword

From the above table, one thing is very clear, the synonyms words are not considered in this exact match type expansion. We still have changes to optimize and get traiffic to the target. The update only includes close variants, keyword reordering, keyword rewording, functional word addition, removal from keywords.

Optimization which is useful when exact close variants expansion update roll out

  1. Analyze search term report of close variant keywords:Once this update is rolled out, if you already using exact match keywords on your campaign. Then start analyzing your search term report to find close variants keywords are relevant or not.
  2. Add Negative keywords: Added more negative keywords:On analysis for close variants keywords in SQR to find the relevancy. If it is not relevant, then added those to negative.