Are you using adwords to promote your business online or any other online marketing tools? No matter what you using, at the end your generating visitors to your website or app. Do all your visitors are become your customer? Nope! A very few visitors are converted into customers for your business. So where are those non converted visitors in online? Chase them more effectively using Google adwords remarketing.  In this article, I would like to share how to setup remarketing, to whom it will be more effective to use remarketing and how to improve your conversions using google adwords remarketing.

Let’s start with – To whom it will be more effective to use remarketing:

To those who looking to improve visitors, leads, conversion and ROI this remarketing retargeting strategy will be more effective. By creating list and pasting piece of code on website you can retarget your audience and convert them into customers. It can specific to pages, product too. For an example, you running ecommerce kinda business that sells “T Shirts” online. You can create “Mens T Shirts” remarketing visitors based on visitor who visit the “Mens T Shirts” category page of your website where you showcased only “Mens T Shirts”  `

Okay. Let see how to set up remarketing:

  1. Setup Remarketing Tag or Code on your website
  2. Create audience list as per requirement.
  3. Create separate Display network only Campaign to target remarketing audience.

Let me explain using new UI version released by Google adwords.

1. Setup Remarketing Tag or Code on your website

First we have to get remarketing tag to paste the same on website from adwords Shared Library -> Audience Manager.  By doing this you enabling google to track your website visitors and create audience for remarketing through Google cookies.

Don’t forgot inform your visitors that you’re storing data as cookies on browser, which is recommended by google and it also always safe to do so.


Click on Setup an Audience Source and you will be landed to below page with these options. Let me create remarketing list for adwords tag and track only website visitors. Click on Setup Tag. Where you also have option to link your google analytics with adwords, it helps you also to add organic users into your remarketing list.

Create the google adwords tag data source, dynamic remarketing which helps to show ads to user more personal and specific. Let me first create all visitors data for this demo. Click on Collect standard data available from this data source. Then you will get Remarketing global code and install the same as per instruction given which is similar like Google analytics tracking installation. That’s it we’re done with setup process.

  1. Create audience list as per requirement.

Now let’s create our audience list and wait till it reach the threshold, it at least need count of 100 on your list. On audience list, Click on Website Visitors.

Create audience name, in above example I created as Home Page, List members Select Visitors of a Page and visited page enter exact website URL to track visitors who lands on the page and create list. Once done That’s it we’re created list. Now wait till you see count as like below image. Then create separate campaign to re target list users in Google display network and partner networks.

  1. Create separate Display network only Campaign to target remarketing audience.

Once all done and you see sufficient count on your created list. Now create separate Display network only Campaign to re target the audience/visitors. Use initially CPM and in targeting choose Remarketing List audience. Refer below images, I have selected remarketing list All visitors and All converted audience to show by ads. While doing remarketing, do add creative images in recommended size by google and provide personalized offers to re target visitors to catch their eyes and to make them as customers.

Keep optimizing on daily basis and improve your leads, conversion and ROI.