Here is best automated adwords optimization tools, these tools are very useful for setting up the campaigns and to improve its performance by automation.

1. Acquisio – Performance media solution

The most recommended and one of the best adwords optimization tool in the market. It has many feature like campaign automation, alerts, campaign reporting and the most important is Bid & Budget management. The reason I love to use this acquisio for the Bid & Budget management feature and the way the algorithm is implemented. As of my personal experience, it helps to improve my client overall budget performance by reducing the Avg.CPC and achieving more clicks on the less cost. Of course, we finally need to get more clicks for the less spent on adwords campaign.

Also I have seen constant campaign performance on my client reports when Google roll down the right side ads on SERP. Talk flow over internet community and in blogs says click and budget performance many loss due this change in SERP, but I can see the campaigns running on Acquisio platform works in different way, Avg.clicks had improved in better way. Acquisio AI algorithm modify bid for every 30min, to make sure targeted keywords always stands in top position. On overall, this tools most recommended tool for adwords optimization, Acquisio also have Free Trail to test their features.

2. Marin Software – Cross Channel Advertising platform

This Marin software tool is already achieved fame in market and one of the best tool for cross channel advertising in market as well. But when comes to google adwords optimization, the predictive bid, budget algorithm. The reason to consider this tool for it predictive bid and budget algorithm. It is fully transparent algorithm shows predictive clicks, conversion, budgets and ROI at different budget constraint target similarly like google adwords opportunities prediction. Still it better than adwords prediction algorithm.

The algorithm also loaded with feature automatically calculate optimal bids for less search volume keywords. This result in triggering new and long tail keywords which has less CPC. I believe this is an another way of optimizing the adwords campaign. Reduce or remove less search volume keywords and giving opportunities to trigger other new and long tail keywords less CPC keywords will surely reduce your avg.cpc and CTR as well.When comes to modify bid to make sure keywords used always in top position, it is bit slower than Acquision which 1 hr.

3. Kenshoo Advanced Tool

Kenshoo is a another adwords optimization tool with strong advanced adwords automation algorithm. It user interface looks like google adwords editor and it is the only cross channel desktop editor in industry too. This tool is recommended for new profile, campaign setup. After experiencing it, I can say it reduce the avg set up time almost 40%, this is only reason I love this Kenshoo tool.

Another important feature in this tool is it effectively identify the churn, even acquision and other tools already loaded with this feature, Kenshoo ruled out all the tools. When it comes to shopping ads, Kenshoo’s custom bid policy for Shopping campaigns and algorithms for negative keyword suggestions drive stronger results across all campaigns.