There are 100+ ranking signals which will improve your SERP rank. Here is the 7 SEO important ranking signal to keep an eye in 2019. Well all these tips are pre known for many, still writing this to keep you updated and to know importance these factors in coming 2019 year.

Odd Content:

As always content is king for SEO. Your website ranking will be purely based on content uniqueness, how well you structured your content ( readability ), relevancy, spellings and grammars. If you are freelancer or employee, make sure you are giving high priority for content generation.

Also check your content uniqueness on Small SEO Tool for free. Keep your content 100% unique, since Google hate copy content. Google always wants provide their users relevant information while searching on google. So keep this in mind while creating content, write only relevant contents for search intents, optimizing your content for search intents is also important in SEO 2019.

Back links Power:

We all know the power of backlinks and linking domains. The most important ranking factor is still alive and even more powerful. Believing this link building is in core Google search algorithm. So generate more backlinks will help you to improve SERP rank. While getting links make sure it is relevant to business category. Most common mistake all SEOist do “Getting more backlinks from Blogger”, this is simple and easiest way to get more links to your website. But, getting only links from Blogger linking domain will not work sometime.

  • Web 2.0
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Classified Ads ( local business )
  • Local Directory Listing
  • Social Sharing
  • Blog Commenting
  • Relevant Forum Postings

Theses are the link building techniques worked in 2018, hoping same will be continued in SEO 2019. Use our 50+ list of active forum websites

Keyword Anchor Text in Links:

 Placing keywords in Achor text in links, will improve keyword rank in SERP. There are lot articles stating achor text keyword no longer improve rank, still from working experience placing keywords in achor text links in blog commenting, Forum posting, web 2.0 submission showing improvement in search ranking.

Taking advantage of this to see improvement in ranking for specific keyword.

<a href=”URL”>Keyword</a>

Page Loading Speed:

After mobile responsive website building features in place. Page speed is key note on google search result page ranking. Google got a tools to analyize your webpage loading speed with suggestions and solutions, refer PageSpeed Insight tool. Making sure your website page loads less than 5 sec, this will enable google to crawl all the updated pages in single attempt. If in case, failing to load page within 5sec, google bots needs to visit again to your website to crawl all updated web pages. Delay in crawling will affect indexing on Google Search.

So while optimising your website for SEO and want to take your website ranking to next level, then do optimise your website page loading. Fix all error and make them ready to for Google to crawl easily.

Keyword Density:

Talking about optimising website for search engine. Keyword takes major share, improving your keyword density on website pages also helps to improve keyword rank on search engine result page.

Few key point to remember in keyword density, don’t try stuff keywords and use keyword in relevant pharse and in context. Relevancy is always important, use Keyword in 1st paragraph, keyword on H1, Keyword on H2 ( sub heading ), Keyword on bullets, Keyword on Reviews, Keyword on captions also in google ranking signal.

Mobile friendly Pages:

As we all know Google search console updated by Google. Mobile usability also included in coverage. Means mobile first crawling has been strongly implemented. So building website with device responsive is so much important nowadays, already website building company and service provider included mobile friendly pages in their unique selling point. After mobile first indexing came into effect, it is compulsory to create web pages to mobile and all device.

Secure with HTTPS

Google always wants their use to be secured. Google chrome started showing secured lock symbol on address bar, intimating users website is secured with HTTPS. As we all know from 2018 itself, it is been in google ranking signal. In 2019 SEO, start implementing HTTPS and show website visitor they are safe. Recommended by Google.